Monday, January 31, 2011

February Readings

Here Are The Chronological Readings For This Month
Feb 01 ReadingsEXODUS 1:1-2:25
EXODUS 3:1-4:17
Feb 02 ReadingsEXODUS 4:18-7:13
Feb 03 ReadingsEXODUS 7:14-9:35
Feb 04 ReadingsEXODUS 10:1-12:51
Feb 05 ReadingsEXODUS 13:1-15:27
Feb 06 ReadingsEXODUS 16:1-19:25
Feb 07 ReadingsEXODUS 20:1-22:15
Feb 08 ReadingsEXODUS 22:16-24:18
Feb 09 ReadingsEXODUS 25:1-28:43
Feb 10 ReadingsEXODUS 29:1-31:18
Feb 11 ReadingsEXODUS 32:1-34:35
Feb 12 ReadingsEXODUS 35:1-36:38
Feb 13 ReadingsEXODUS 37:1-39:31
Feb 14 ReadingsEXODUS 39:32-40:38
NUMBERS 9:15-23
Feb 15 ReadingsNUMBERS 7:1-89
Feb 16 ReadingsNUMBERS 8:1-9:14
LEVITICUS 1:1-3:17
Feb 17 ReadingsLEVITICUS 4:1-6:30
Feb 18 ReadingsLEVITICUS 7:1-8:36
Feb 19 ReadingsLEVITICUS 9:1-11:47
Feb 20 ReadingsLEVITICUS 12:1-14:32
Feb 21 ReadingsLEVITICUS 14:33-16:34
Feb 22 ReadingsLEVITICUS 17:1-19:37
Feb 23 ReadingsLEVITICUS 20:1-22:33
Feb 24 ReadingsLEVITICUS 23:1-25:23
Feb 25 ReadingsLEVITICUS 25:24-26:46
Feb 26 ReadingsLEVITICUS 27:1-34
NUMBERS 1:1-54
Feb 27 ReadingsNUMBERS 2:1-3:51
Feb 28 ReadingsNUMBERS 4:1-5:31

Monday, January 24, 2011

How are you all going?

So Ladies how is the reading going? I hope that you are enjoying reading the bible in a different way. Let me know if you need me to encourage you personally let me know and I am happy to send emails personally.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hi Ladies,

I hope 2011 has started well for you all. I also hope you are enjoying reading the bible regularly and in a different format than you are probably use to.
I would love to encourage you to encourage others who are reading through the bible this year Chronologically. If you would like a list of who else is in the group as we have over 12 people who are untaking this adventure I would be happy to hook you up with people close to you. Get together and discuss what you have read or just check in that you are going okay.
It has been a slow and difficult start to this move for us. We still do not have computer and have not moved into our house. So probably starting February I will be up and ready to put more time into my posts. So hang in their I will be adding lots of interesting info as soon as we are settled.
In the mean time enjoy reading Genesis and Job. The reading plan is alittle different to the bible plan but we all get to the same spot by the end of January.

Thanks for peoples patience and I look forward to you comments and posts as the year goes on.